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What is laminated shopping bag?

It's so called Laminated shopping bag, laminated reusable bag, non woven laminated bag, eco laminated bag, laminated promotional bag. Here we mean non woven laminated bag because this is the most common used. (Pp woven laminated bag and rpet laminated bag are the specific products which can also be found in our product list.) Non woven laminated shopping bags are the most colorful and economical promotional bags.

Material of laminated bag:

Non woven fabric + lamination = 90gsm-140gsm.

Laminated bag printing:

CMYK printing. Can also do silk screen printing after lamination.

MOQ for laminated bag:

Above 3000pcs.

Laminated bag price:

Width 38cm Height 42cm Depth 10cm
Non woven fabric handle’s: 3cm x 60cm
Non woven fabric + lamination = 110gsm

Laminated bag printing:

CMYK printing (4 color process), can also according to your given pantone code. Also workable with silk screen printing after plain laminated.

Laminated bag printing cost:

Only printing plate cost involved. Take above bag’s size for example: The plate cost is 450 USD (CMYK full color printing on front and back side). If there is design on the gusset (depth), the cost will be adjusted.

Laminated bag sample cost:

150 USD + printing plate cost. DHL delivery cost included.

How to find a reliable laminated shopping bag supplier in china (no matter laminated shopping bag manufacturers or laminated shopping bag exporters)?

Please check on page “Q&A” for some advice.