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folding gift box

Folding paper gift box
one-piece folding box is easy to store and transport,
efficient logistics, greatly reducing the cost of storage
and transportation; good recycling,
folding can be reused;
creative packaging, folding function,
with different visual experience, enhance brand image.

book gift box

Book gift box
As the name implies, it is like a box in the shape of a book.
It is designed according to the shape of the book.
It has the characteristics of exquisite packaging and full ersonalization.
It integrates the usage habits of buttoning and turning books into box design,
which is a box type that can skillfully combine art and packaging technology.

lid and base gift box

Top-lid packaging gift box
Top-lid box are box with top and bottom lid,
the two can be separated,
the forming process is more complex and the manufacturing cost is
slightly higher. But the overall box can be separated, so it is generally used as a hardcover gift box to upgrade products.

drawer gift box

Drawer paper gift box
Drawer boxes are beautiful and simple in appearance , 
thick in material, wear resistant, pressure resistant,
and humanized in design. Their smooth lines look comfortable and enhance the ornamental value of products.

mailer packaging box

Shipping box & mailer box
Mailer boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and
are widely used in transportation and packaging.
How to avoid the wear and tear of goods in the process of delivery
is a problem that must be considered.
It has the characteristics of good cushioning performance,
lightweight, firm, low cost of packaging operation,
and can pack a variety of items.
Mailer box is the preferred box for packaging and delivery

cylinder gift box

Cylinder gift box
Cylinder boxes have the functions of safety, sanitation, 
anti-damage, moisture proof and sealing, 
and are not easy to deform. 
At the same time, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, 
good display effect and competitive price.