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What is cooler bag:

Cooler bag (insulated bag) is used for keeping temperature, hot or cold. The bag inside has material which is thermal insulated.

Cooler bag material:

Internal material: Aluminum foil, PEVA, transparent PVC
Middle material: EPE (PE foam)
External material: Non woven, pp woven, polyester, nylon fabric, alum foil, jute

Cooler bag price for reference:

Width 36cm Height 36cm Depth 25cm
Non woven fabric handles: 2.5cm x 70cm
Aluminum foil + 2mm EPE + 70gsm non woven fabric
With zipper closure on the top

Cooler bag sample cost:

50 USD. DHL delivery cost included.

Cooler bag MOQ:


Some tips about cooler bag:

The insulated time depends on the thickness of PE foam, can do upto 12mm
Can put Gel pack to extend the insulated time
We can produce cooler bag water proof, with plastic film inside (no needle sewed)
Can do vacuum package, for reducing volume of package and saving shipping cost

How to find a reliable cooler bag supplier in china (no matter cooler bag manufacturers or cooler bag exporters)?

Please check on page “Q&A” for some advice.

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